Monday, October 26, 2009

Lizard, interrupted

I just love it when the other side tosses ammunition into my greedy little hands. This epiphany about Charles Johnson, the pro-war left-globalist blogger, comes from Barrett Brown, an oh-so-politically correct atheist. You'll agree it's a gem:

The whole affair has led me into a friendly coordination with Charles Johnson, the blogger who helped break the Rathergate story, co-founded the conservative blog consortium Pajamas Media, and otherwise served for many years as one of the right’s most celebrated citizen journalists. It turns out, though, that Johnson is not so much a conservative as he is simply an adamant critic of Islamic fundamentalism – and, to the horror of many, an opponent of Christian fundamentalism as well, this being an unforgivable offense among many of those who once thought the noted blogger to be swell but today routinely dismiss him as “Mad King Charles.”

Now this isn't little ol' me claiming that Johnson, like many other war supporters, deliberately manipulated patriotic and conservative Americans to advance a revolutionary agenda -- it's a fellow traveler saying this. As I've said before, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have advanced big government, not freedom, so it isn't Charles Johnson who's gone mad. It's especially noteworthy how Brown is pleasantly surprised that Johnson regards both Christianity and Islam as backward worldviews that should be opposed.

That's what makes the Neocons so dangerous. As ideologues who've stolen conservative rhetoric to advance a revolutionary and secular leftist agenda, they have nothing but contempt for tradition and culture, whether at home or abroad.

Such a revelation from an atheist lefty makes it impossible to dismiss.


At November 3, 2009 1:51 PM , Anonymous Sean Scallon said...

I'm glad to see the real sides finally forming. Kos wouldn't have had anything to do with LGF even a year ago.


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