Sunday, July 26, 2009

The states and the people vs. the U.S. of Centralization

Add Paul Jacob to the list of people who hear the rumblings of devolution in the air:

State Senator Randy Brogdon is running for the position of Oklahoma governor. A principled, issues-oriented candidate, he naturally has big plans for his state. But one of his most interesting ambitions is this: To join the elite ranks of governors Phil Bredesen (Tennessee) and Sarah Palin (Alaska), who are gubernatorial signatories to their state’s resolutions asserting state sovereignty. ...

Something is changing in our political culture.

All these resolutions have passed state legislatures. It’s not just lone “whacko” governors doing the deed. Deliberative bodies have decided these measures. Something big may be afoot.

What is it?

Opposition to bigness and “limitlessness” in the federal government.

Something is definitely changing in our political culture. The American people increasingly distrust the government, and rightfully so. But what the Federal government has going for it is its monopoly on force, so the sad fact is that we, the people, finance our own powerlessness. The question, then, becomes this: Does DC's stranglehold on power end when we withdraw our consent, or when DC's inept management bankrupts us all?


At July 26, 2009 5:36 PM , Anonymous Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Townall of all places. This is a good sign indeed, as Townhall hosts some "big name" neocon talk show hosts. I agitate in the comments boxes there under the handle "Cicero", and I can tell you there is some sympathy not only for the call for original federalism for which Jacob argues, but even for secession. I would urge all my compatriots in the League of the South to start posting comments there. Townhall is owned by Salem Communications, one of the biggest Evangelical/Neocon media outfits around. So far, they haven't turned off their comments boxes.

Well, except for the execrable Hugh Hewitt, that is. He ran away from us, and if you've ever listened to his show he dismisses paleocons as "nutters", "xenophobes" and "anti-Semites", and then quickly moves on. He wouldn't dare to interview a Pat Buchanan or an Andrew Bacevich. He took on the late Lt. Gen. William Odom on once. Odom handed him his ass right there on public radio, and Hewitt hasn't interviewed the likes of Odom since.

But to hell with Hewitt. Townhall seems receptive to our message. I urge you all to register there and start preaching it.


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